HAIL TO THE CHIEF: Polar Vortex Back In The News

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Questions and queries are already surfacing regarding this unseasonably cool shot of air for next week and its sign that the dreaded ‘Polar Vortex’ is going to put an end to our summer and quickly return an early fall and winter.

Lets first talk about next week.

No doubt, its an impressive dip in temperatures starting on Tuesday where afternoon highs that day may not even reach the 70 degree mark for many of our hometowns. However, its not unusual. In fact, the latest was back in July 2009 (8th, 17th and 18th) where most towns experienced highs only in the 60s.

The nature of this current event goes back to last week with Super Typhoon ‘Neoguri’ as it belted the country of Japan. Its energy ejected across the Northern Pacific and is now creating this highly amplified or wavy jet stream across North America. This is the reason behind the temperature downfall that is expected for a few days come next week.


The core of this unseasonably cool air will settle across the Midwest and produce temperatures about 10 to 20 degree below it normal.


These are Quad Cities’ forecast highs I put together on Wednesday for next week. There is a possibility I may need to adjust these numbers just a couple of more degrees. We’ll see.

A viewer asked me if an early fall is likely followed by an early winter. Hardly. The trend through August does look slightly cooler than normal, I’ll admit that. However, there are strong signs that an El Nino is still on track this autumn and winter. For our part of the country it usually means a warmer and drier weather pattern.

For summer lovers out there, I’ve got some good news! By the following weekend, summer’s warmth does return with warmer 80s back in the forecast.