Mayor Gluba’s plan to house immigrants won’t come easy

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The immigration debate has been sparked once again in the Quad Cities.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014, Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba announced the "Caring Cities Campaign", which he defined as a humanitarian effort. The plan would make Davenport a safe haven for Central American immigrant children who are currently detained in the southern U.S. border states.

"I was excited when I found out because, first and foremost, we are talking about children," said Amy Rowell, Director of Moline World Relief, a not-for-profit organization that assists immigrants and refugees who have fled to the U.S.

Rowell said the children who have fled Central America need help, but it doesn't come as an easy task.

The children could require several translators and medical and trauma care.  Rowell said several organizations would have to be involved.

Between what they were facing in their home country, and the turmoil they have experienced since their detainment, the kids have been through a lot, Rowell said.

Wednesday, July 9, members of the group met to discuss their next step, crafting questions they would submit for the Department of Health and Human Services.

For more coverage of the Caring Cities Campaign, click here.


  • Bill

    Gluba is an idiot. There are about 7 billion people and over half them live in poverty. The Christian thing to do would be for Gluba to sell his house and move to the border using the proceeds to hand out water.

  • will

    I think they should shelter them on the white house grounds till they can send them home to their family s. This whole thing is on Obama. The government knew it was coming, they were looking for people to be escorts for illegal immigrant children in January. This is a mess! The president is supposed to uphold the law and protect our borders, I think it was orchestrated to usher in the North American Union. Cloward and Piven stategy. Shut the border!

  • Julie Sutton

    My suggestion to the mayor is if you are so concerned take all of them home with you. I am tired of the taxpayers being forced to support the wars in countries that have been fighting since Biblical times, taking care of children whose so called parents don’t want them but continue to breed, God Bless the children, but enough is enough. What person sends their young children off to a foreign land and hope that someone takes care of them until they can slither into a country that does not want them? What is wrong with us? Close the borders, send them back to wherever they came from and let the border patrol enforce the laws that are on the books. This is beyond ridiculous. And lets make sure we get rid of every incumbent politician and if one happens to get back in office lets send his happy, lying, cheating arse on one of those vehicles hauling the illegals back to wherever the heck they came from. Most of my friends are fed up and judging by the media so is most of the rest of the country!

  • Jim Chambers

    Amy Rowell, Director of Moline World Relief, has her own axe to grind. This is her job and now your mayor has given her justification for it. Of course she is excited, she finally gets to be in charge of something.
    The problem is that she will, sooner or later and with the approval of your shortsighted mayor, finagle the system into paying for these kids, meaning that you and I will have to cough up more money through our taxes to provide family, medical, translator, social, food, welfare and police services. That doesn’t bother miss Rowell though. She probably believes it is our duty and, being a rich country (owing trillions to the Chinese), that we should be able to handle a few more illegal criminals (step one foot over the border without fulfilling the obligations required and that’s what you become).
    When are we going to have enough of these do-gooders who have no qualms about stealing money from us and spending it on those who have no business being here and are here illegally? Isn’t it time we found a bucket of tar and a bag of feathers for miss Rowell and the good mayor and give them transportation out of town on a convenient rail?

  • Kathy

    Really!!!! Has anyone thought about the fact these children are arriving with health issues that we have struggled for years to overcome. Have they had their shots which we are required to have for our kids? If this is temporary why are they considering putting them into school? We should be taking care of our own house. True it is very sad but also beyond our ability to fix. We aren’t even taking care of our military troops and their familys. Sad isn’t it.

  • Jim Chambers

    I had a return comment but they will not post it for some reason. What it amounted to was the following: People like Rowell use cute little terms to cloak their aspirations of grandeur at the public trough. They want to call it the ‘caring cities campaign’ when the name should be ‘take advantage of the suckers, criminal pampering, insane do-gooder and politician’s clean out the pocket of the taxpayer campaign’.
    Sooner or later you will see these people do their best to insert themselves into the bureaucracy where they are no longer responsible to the voters and taxpayers. Once there they can really do their damage as we’ve seen with Holder and his ‘Fast and Furious, Lerner with the IRS, Clinton on Benghazi, and on and on and on. These people are a bane to the taxpayer and should be culled and exposed for what they are.

  • Paula Titus VerVynck

    Charity starts at home!! What about all of our homeless vets and others!! Why start something with someone else when we can’t even solve the issues here at home!! Stupid idea if you ask me!!!!

  • Heartland Hannah

    Weird all these articles about residents weighing in are not giving any information on the significant number of local residents who are vehemently against this idea. Why do we not have a voice in this?

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