Davenport City Council approves rezoning for St. Ambrose University stadium

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After months of discussion and debate, Saint Ambrose University's plans to build a stadium are moving forward. The Davenport City Council approved a rezoning request from Saint Ambrose University at the July 9, 2014 council meeting.

More than 60 people shared their opinions with the Davenport City Council about the rezoning request at the meeting. Most of the people that spoke live in the area where the proposed stadium will be and spoke of their opposition to the plan.

Just as they have twice before, the Davenport City Council voted 6-4 to approve the rezoning request that will allow Saint Ambrose University to build a stadium near West Central Park Avenue and Marquette Street.

The University wants to build a 2,500 seat stadium and also wants to upgrade their softball field and two practice fields. There were some neighbors at Wednesday's meeting very much in favor of the plan, but many others  were concerned with how the stadium will impact them with issues like noise, storm water levels, and traffic.

Alderman Matson motioned for the final vote to be tabled, but the motion failed.

SAU says they will work with the neighborhood moving forward.

"We're committed to our neighborhood relations council. We're committed to continue to work with the neighbors as this process moves forward. We'll stay in contact with them, and if we can, we'll work together with the City and the neighbors to address any concerns," said Mike Poster, Vice President of Finance.

SAU still needs to have plans for the stadium approved by the City. They hope to start building by Spring 2015 at the latest.

A group opposed to the stadium says they have hired an attorney to fight it.