Clinton’s Meadowview pool to close if taxes aren’t paid

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The Meadowview pool has been a staple in the Clinton community for nearly 50 years. Now, it’s at risk of closing if the pool’s five board members don’t raise $5000 by the third week of August.

According to the pool’s president Tammy Isenhour, she recently acquired the treasurer position after the former treasurer retired. Soon, she realized that that more than $3000 in back taxes was owed.

“I was told we owed taxes, so I went to the County Assessor and I paid the taxes. Then I was told that there were back taxes that weren’t paid,” Isenhour said.

Isenhour said the news came at the worst time because recent maintenance had depleted the pool’s savings.

On Monday, the pool’s board members hosted a fundraiser. Clinton’s minor league baseball team, The Clinton LumberKings, attended the event and helped raise $500. That’s still $4500 short of their goal.

On Tuesday, a different fundraising effort was underway. Three young girls, who are regulars at Meadowview, went door-to-door asking for donations.

“Hi, I’m Lauren and we were wondering if you would donate to Meadowview pool,” Lauren Wiser would say, her high-pitched voice trembling.

From one house to the next, it was the same pitch.

“I’ve been coming here since I was a baby,” said Wiser. “All my friends are here.”

Board members are asking for the public's help so they pool can remain open.

If you would like to make a donation to the Meadowview pool, you can visit their Facebook page.