Roads May Soon Re-Open As Mississippi River Recedes

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Traveling around town has gotten a little tricky in the last week, after flood-waters shut down River Drive on both sides of the river.

The River Bandits game Sunday, July 6, 2014  had many fans surprised to find that the ballpark was completely surrounded by water.

"It's just shocking, I've never seen anything like this," said Dana Kelly, who was in town to see her boyfriend play in the game. "I'm from the East Coast and we get flooding but nothing like this."

Davenport Public Works Director, Mike Clarke, said the water is expected to drop about a foot a day this week and will allow the city to slowly reopen the roads.

"As the water gradually goes down, we will begin to pull back our lines of protection," Clarke said. "There's no specific timetable for that, we have a best guess as to what day that might happen."

As of right now, anyone that uses River Drive in both Davenport and Moline are encouraged to take alternate routes on the streets surrounding it.

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