West Liberty officials learn they’re lacking flood insurance

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City officials in West Liberty learned Tuesday that their flooded city doesn’t have flood insurance.

City Manager Lawrence McNaul said city officials were surprised when they learned the city hadn’t been insured.

Several areas in the city were hit hard by Monday and Tuesday’s storms; the baseball park on the south end of town took the brunt of the damage. The outfield fences were flattened and the baseball is in shambles.

“The flash flood caused some considerable damage to some of our city infrastructure and city parks,” McNaul said, gesturing at the fence that was mangled behind him.

The park wasn’t the only area that was damaged. The city’s only swimming pool overflowed and was filled with dirt and rocks.

“Our manager found a turtle in the water and just a bunch of leaves and rocks,” said Riley Anderson, an employee at the pool.

Thursday, Anderson was vacuuming the bottom of the pool.

“We are starting to fill it back up with water now,” Anderson said. “It’s a long process to get this thing back up and running.”

On Wednesday, the American Red Cross assisted residents who suffered flood damage, but still no help for the city.

“The only way we can offset some of the financial costs is if our city is considered a Presidential disaster declaration. Otherwise, it’s on the city to cover the cost of damage,” McNaul said.

Gov. Terry Branstad did issue a state disaster declaration on Tuesday for Muscatine County, but Anderson said that does not provide the city with financial assistance.