Red, White and Boom cancelation a bummer for downtown business

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The flood forced organizers to cancel the annual display between Davenport and Rock Island this weekend. That left plenty of businesses red, white and bummed.

Red, White and Boom a 4th of July tradition for many in the Quad Cities. However, this year people will have to find another show to watch. The show got canceled because of flooding.

"Lots of people. People literally come out of the woodwork," said Psyindy Compton-Muse, owner of Mama Compton's in Rock Island.

The show brings crowds of people to the district, that's money for local businesses.

"We had planned to be open until midnight or later," said Compton-Muse.

At Huckleberry's Pizza they make triple in business on Red, White and Boom.

"Extra staff. A lot of extra prepping goes into it, buying the products," said John Keim, owner.

It's good business that some would say they rely on.

"Its a financial disappointment as well. I'm not going go lie about that, but its just the community all comes together here in this one thing and all year long and everyone looks forward to it and now its gone," said Compton-Muse.

Icons Martini looks forward to the bar rush.

"About 8 o'clock it starts getting packed. People will sit have fun. Go outside right when the fireworks start," said Dave Phillips, co-owner.

However, no matter what, Phillips says the celebration must go on.

"It's America's birthday or Americas independence so it has to," said Phillips.

There's talk of possibly rescheduling the show at a later time.

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