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Colorado restaurant has armed waitresses, owner says ‘it’s a way of life’

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A restaurant in Rifle, Colorado called lets their wait staff carry guns as they serve the customers. The owner says it’s not a pun, “it’s a way of life.”

The restaurant, ironically named Shooter’s Grill, has guns all over the restaurant, according to a report by KDVR.

The owner, Lauren Boebert, said she started openly carrying a gun at her restaurant to exercise her second amendment rights and it caught on with her employees.

“It’s not a gimmick,” Boebert said. “It’s a way of life here and, until recently, nobody said much about it.”

To assure customers that they are safe, Boebert said that the guns are strapped tightly in their holsters and have special release buttons to prevent accidents.

Boebert said many of their customers carry firearms as well.

“If anything were to happen, I don’t think any of us would need to unholster our firearms,” Boebert adds. “We have so many patrons that conceal or open carry — someone would be on the ground before someone would even get our firearm out of our holster.”