Trees torn from the ground during storms in Clinton

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Some residents of Clinton, Iowa woke Monday, June 30, to a mess left behind by strong storms.

Trees were scattered along the streets. Branches straddled cars. Power lines were tossed along people’s yards.

“As soon as you get right here on first avenue, it’s  crazy,” said Dana Dahlquist, who witnessed the damage first hand. “It just ripped right through here. It’s amazing.”

At 11:15 p.m. Sunday, June 29, the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the city of Clinton. In a matter of minutes, high winds and downpours thrashed Clinton. The storm uprooted trees from the ground.

The storm didn’t spare Cliff Long’s tree.

“I heard a loud thud,” Long said, looking back at the tree in his front yard that was uprooted. “When I came out front, that’s when I saw this big tree down.”

If Long’s tree would have fallen in the opposite direction, it would have landed on top of his home.

“I was glad the tree didn’t hit the house. This tree has always made me nervous about it falling on the house,” Long said.

Sunday’s storm also wreaked havoc on the water.

The Clinton Fire Department said a 43-foot pleasure boat was reported to have broken loose in the Clinton Marina. They said the unmanned boat drifted along the main channel of the Mississippi River as it headed south towards the Highway 30 Bridge. Before the boat caused any damage, the fire department said the boat was retrieved and returned to the Clinton Marina.

Monday, city crews began clearing debris from streets and sidewalks.

The city of Clinton will be collecting tree limbs and branches from Monday, June 30, through Thursday, July 3. City crews will continue the week of July 7 if needed. Limbs and branches do not have to be bundled, and should be placed on the curb.

City officials added that tree limbs or branches should not exceed four to five inches in length.