Federal grant helps region to showcase jobs and opportunities

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Federal funding will help the Quad City area to grow new jobs and attract businesses.

Sen. Dick Durbin, (D) Illinois, announced nearly $170,000 in funding on Monday.

Local governments in a five-county region will match the money to develop a strategy for success.

This is a region that knows how to work hard. That means finding new ways to showcase our talents. The annual progress report can do just that.

"We provide technical assistance," said Denise Bulat, executive director of the Bi-State Regional Commission. "We provide data. We write grants."

Bulat will direct a new three-year study. It will help local governments and businesses to make the best impression.

Researchers will present some of the latest findings during a session in Davenport on Wednesday afternoon.

With matching local funds, the study will have about $330,000 over the three years.

"It's like a clearinghouse," she said. "It compiles all the strategies and goals for economic development throughout the five-county area."

This annual report has been around for nearly 40 years. It helps longtime businesses and start-ups alike. Federal and local funding will detail possibilities and realities. It's really a road map for success.

"It reports on our opportunities and threats every year," she said. "It also reports on the kinds of jobs that have been created throughout the bi-state region."

That strategy is designed to attract jobs and investment. It aims at showing that this is a good region for business.

It also examines quality of life and area activities. This helps a hard working area to expand and improve.

"We can work  together and identify some strategies that will help the whole area and improve economic development," she said.

Economic development to guide the future in the Quad City area.