Kevin Costner makes local man’s dream come true

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Father's Day weekend brought hundreds out to the Field of Dreams to celebrate the movie's anniversary, but for one Quad City man he got more than that.

It was 20 years ago that Max Rensberger took his son to Field of Dreams.

"We're on the diamond, on the field, and Don the owner comes out of the farm house and he goes 'You got a ball?' I go 'No' so he throws me a ball and says 'Here have a catch with your son,'" said Rensberger.

A moment Rensberger says he wouldn't forget. When he heard about the movie's 25th anniversary he thought he would go say thank you.

"I wanted to bring the ball back and to have Don possibly sign it because that was so memorable," said Rensberger.

However when he thought his day couldn't get any better, it did. He ran into Dwier Brown, the actor who plays Kevin Costner's father in the movie.

"He signs the book 'Max if you build it I will come. Great meeting another Ohio boy at the Field of Dreams. Wanna have a catch?' He saw I had the ball in my hand and he said 'Would you like that signed?' I said 'That would be super,'" said Rensberger.

Rensberger also got to take a picture with Brown. Before ending his day, Rensberger took a moment with the crowd of people to watch Kevin Costner play ball with his kids. Little did he know he would end up face to face with the star.

"He puts his hand on my shoulder and he sees the ball in my hands and goes 'Would you like me to sign it?'"

He started the day only wanting to walk away with one autograph, he ended up walking away with three.

"Everything was the best of the best. The day was beautiful in every way," said Rensberger.

Rensberger's son couldn't be there since he lives out of the country, but plans on passing the autograph ball onto him.