Niabi Zoo director clarifies free passes policy

Free passes to Niabi Zoo do have an expiration date, and zoo officials are clarifying their policy concerning which passes are valid for free admission.

Zoo Director Marc Heinzman says you can use Niabi Zoo free admission passes that have an expiration date printed on them, which indicates they were issued in 2013 or 2014. Passes without a printed expiration date are at least two or more years old, and the zoo has stopped accepting those older passes.

An incident in 2013 involving a large number of free passes, received in about an hour and a half, contributed to the decision to clarify which passes qualified as valid, Heinzman said.

“Last year we had more than half of all of our admissions were free to the zoo,” Heinzman said. “So, we’re just trying to put some internal controls in place, just to make sure that our revenue stream is staying steady. It’s very expensive to run a zoo, and we want to make sure the zoo stays open and operating and is around for a long time for people to enjoy.”

Heinzman says the zoo also offers several free admission days throughout the season each year.

Admission is also discounted on Tuesdays for all visitors age three years and up. Admission is free every day for kids two years old and younger.

For admission prices and policies at Niabi Zoo, click here.


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