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“Hot felon” a little surprised at the love he’s getting on Facebook

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After he was arrested and thousands of people swooned over his mugshot, the so-called “hot felon” denies being a criminal.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, is a repeat offender according to police in California. His most recent arrest in Stockton resulted in six felony counts of street terrorism and weapons charges. Police said he was one of four people arrested June 18 as part of their Operation Ceasefire efforts to find and arrest people involved in shootings and robberies.

His alleged crimes, though, took a distant back seat to online comments from what appears to be many admirers.

One commenter said, “Being that sexy is obviously illegal.”

In an interview from the jail, Meeks said he was no longer a gangster.

“Well? I appreciate it, but I just want them to know that this is really not me, I’m not some Kingpin,” Meeks said.

Police were quick to remind people that Meeks is a felon who served nine years in prison for grand theft before his latest arrest.

Meeks was jailed in lieu of $900,000 bond.

Jeremy Meeks photo from Stockton California Police

Jeremy Meeks photo from Stockton California Police