Be Healthy QC gets a rolling start with Veggie Mobile

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There's a new program to promote wellness across our region.

Be Healthy QC will offer a campaign to focus on healthy eating and fitness. It's backed by the Quad City Health Initiative.

There are a lot of lessons about life on the playground on Friday. Youngsters are having fun and staying fit.

"I think it's important," said Kaylie Bowerman, Moline. "In the long run, it's going to help you out."

That's why local leaders are unveiling a new program. Be Healthy QC will use a new logo on healthy activities and resources.

"Health isn't just going for a walk," said Denise Bulat, executive director of the Bi-State Regional Commission. "Health is everything."

That explains the new Veggie Mobile. The colorful creation will bring fresh food to some 18 sites, six days a week.

"There's so many individuals that don't have access to vehicles to get fresh food," said Carla Jaquet, director of the Q. C. Food Hub.

The Veggie Mobile will serve a limited number of free box lunches on Saturday. The fun starts at 11:30 at Eastern Avenue Park in Davenport.

Inside the Fresh Deli, healthy cooking is a way of life. The Veggie Mobile is a novel way to feature local growers in neighborhoods that need help.

"I hope that produce will become available in some of our local communities where it isn't normally available," said Ken Croken, Genesis Health System.

Be Healthy QC will make it easier for our community to make good choices. Choices that range from fitness to food.

Wellness is a community challenge. Stats show that more than half of us have lots of work to do to reach weight and nutritional goals.

"It's about making better choices, making it more accessible," Jaquet continued. "But it's also about education."

The Food Hub hopes to land a $600,000 federal grant to help expand its outreach. Davenport aldermen will consider $20,000 in fundingĀ  on Wednesday.

Some great lessons on the playground for kids of all ages. It's time to get up and get moving.

"It's just great to see what's out in your community," Bowerman concluded.

Be Healthy QC should be a good reminder.