Tree-removal companies stay swamped after storms

The straight-line winds that crashed through Wilton, Iowa Tuesday morning have stumped residents.

Dozens of homeowners awoke Tuesday morning to the sight of trees draping their yards. The powerful storm snapped limbs like twigs.

“I haven’t seen winds like this in years,” John Hillman said who has lived in his Wilton home since 1958.

Hillman’s home is surrounded by sycamore trees that tower more than 40 feet high. After Tuesday’s storm hurled tree limbs that damaged his home, he decided it was time to cut them down.

That’s good news for tree-removal businesses like JLB and Son Services.

“We have been busy from seven in the morning until eight at night,” said Tammy Bennet of JLB and Son Services.

Many residents had the same idea as Hillman.

“It’s a big job. We are still on it and this is our third day,” Bennet exclaimed.

Bennet’s crew has a full schedule. As they continue to cut down trees from disgruntled residents whose homes were damaged after the storm, they are also clearing debris that was left behind.

Crews say the cleanup is likely to continue for several days.

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