Locals call on Congress for immigration reform

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A group calling on Congress for immigration reform gathered at a local politician’s office for a prayer vigil.

Quad Cities Interfaith organized the vigil for Thursday, June 19, 2014 outside Congressman Dave Loebsack’s office on West 4th Street in Davenport. The group was joined by two representatives from Loebsack's office.

"Congressman Loebsack always appreciates hearing from Iowans on any issue that is important to them," said Joe Hand, the Communications Director for Loebsack. "He believes that we are a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws... and ensures accountability for those who came here illegally while not tearing apart families who have been here for many years."

According to a spokesperson from Quad Cities Interfaith, the goal of the group’s 20 minute meeting was to pray and call attention to Congress’ inaction on the issue, which some are calling a “crisis.”

“Had Congress acted on immigration reform, perhaps we would have had some laws in place,” said Margie Mejia-Caraballo from QC Interfaith. “Perhaps we would have had something to work with, to know how to deal with this crisis because in fact that is what it is. It is a crisis.”

The gatherers said what they want is to see action after several delays in Congress.

The group is a nonprofit, faith-based coalition made up of 23 congregations and community groups.