Five kids accused of breaking into cars in Aledo

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Police say they’ve arrested five juveniles in connection with a string of car burglaries in Aledo, Illinois.

“The arrests came after alert citizens provided witness information about suspicious activities of the juveniles, specifically during the early-morning hours of Saturday (June 14),” said Aledo Police Chief J. Michael Sponsler.  “Officers aggressively pursued the witness information that led to the arrests.”

Sponsler said the arrests related to past vehicle thefts as well as to new crimes.

Sponsler did not immediately release information about the ages of the kids who were arrested.

After they were arrested June 14, 2014, the five juveniles were processed, released to their parents and placed on home confinement to await formal arraignment in court.

Sponsler said the suspects face charges of attempted burglary, theft from a motor vehicle, trespass to a motor vehicle, trespass to property and obstruction.