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VA ‘misplaced’ local veteran’s disability claim

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Bob Marshall has seen better days.

The Vietnam veteran of Prophetstown, Illinois is fighting his failing health and also what feels like a losing battle with the VA’s Regional Benefit Office in Chicago. In July of 2013, Marshall was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In 2014, nearly two years since his wife’s death, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

In August of 2013, he filed a disability claim with the VA.

“They would send me letters every month telling me that they had received my paperwork,” Marshall said, his right hand trembling while gripping a letter from the VA.

In March of 2013, seven months after he filed the claim, Marshall received a letter from the VA’s Regional Office. The letter stated: “The disability claim has been misplaced.”

“I had to start all over from square one,” Marshall exclaimed.

His second claim, now in possession of the VA, is awaiting approval.

“That’s where everything stands right now,” Marshall said.

A spokesperson with the VA’s Regional Benefit Office in Chicago said the average wait time for a disability claim in the Chicago region is 147 days; Marshall’s claim has nearly doubled that time.

“We answered our country’s call, now we need our country to answer us.”



    As a 22 year retired veteran my experience so far is very dissapointing and I am experiencing the same thing. We lost your claim, submit it again, and then wait. I wondered why my veterans office on Camp Lejune had signs up warning veterans not to cuss at or use profanity to the staff that seemed so helpful when I was getting ready to retire. Now after retiring and seeing what really happens I completly understand!

  • WendyWhiner

    Thank you to both of you for your service, sincerely. It might not do a darn thing, but I would copy all your VA correspondence to officials on all levels: 1) your state legislators 2) state senator 3) both U.S. Senators for IL 4) Pat Quinn’s office, etc. You never know when one of these things might stick. This, combined with keeping the media on it, might be a step in the right direction. One more thing to consider: you two are undoubtedly not alone in this. Possibly bond a local group together or join a national group (again, you’re not alone). A group tends to have a louder voice and more power than an individual. Best of luck to all of you!

  • David

    I’ve been trying to make claims for the last 6 yrs at least… I got hit by a humvee in 2002.. eventually that ended my career, after 15 yrs. I gave all the records I have to the va. They can’t seem to find my medical records. So no go on claim… so every yr I go in and resubmit.. but eventually if it does go through it’ll only be back dated to the date of that current claim.. not to the date I originally filed… 6+ yrs ago.

  • Concerned Vet

    I would like to know where all the lost claims are going, a lost claim should not happen their is no excuse for loosing a claim. Any lost claim should be automaticaly approved due to the stupidity of the VA.

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