Genesis to break ground on $140 Million Project

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Genesis Health System will break ground on its $138.5 million expansion project on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at its east campus.

The new part of the campus will have more operating rooms and space, plus a seven story tower for workers to use. The city of Davenport will be vacating College Avenue as part of the project. However, drivers will still be able to get from the south side of the campus to the north, using the avenue. Drivers will just have to go through a parking lot to do it.

Company officials believe this project will keep patients in the Quad Cities. It is also supposed to improve patient safety, quality, and service.

"Quad Citians deserve state of the art operating theaters," Genesis Corporate Communications Vice President Ken Croken said. "This project is going to bring new technology to the community, enabling us to perform surgeries that before hand, people might have had to travel to Peoria, or Iowa City to get."

The groundbreaking starts at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Genesis hopes to have the project complete in three or four years.