Mom says dehydration from drinking energy drinks killed her daughter

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An Arizona mom says her 16-year-old daughter suffered a deadly heart attack after drinking energy drinks instead of staying hydrated with water.

Kris Hamann said friends of her daughter, Lanna, said the teen was not drinking any water while vacationing in Rocky Point, Mexico. Instead, the teen was drinking energy drinks.

On Saturday evening, June 14, Lanna told a friend’s father she did not feel well according to KPHO. That’s when she went into cardiac arrest and died.

“Obviously, this is something that could have happened anywhere, whether she was in Mexico or whether she was here in Arizona playing softball,” Kris Hamann said.

Dozens of Lanna’s friends gathered the day after her death to remember the high school sophomore.

The Hamann family had set up an account with Wells Fargo banks to help with expenses to bring Lanna’s body home, which had reportedly already exceeded $13,000.  If you want to donate, simply go to any branch and tell an employee you’d like to make a donation to the Lanna Hamann Memorial Fund.