Alleman students rally at Diocese in Peoria

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Students at Alleman High School in Rock Island continued their rally Tuesday in support of Michelle Gau, the Assistant Principal at Alleman High School.

Gau was dismissed by the Diocese of Peoria in early June.

Tuesday, dozens of students and parents packed inside buses at Alleman High School and drove to the Diocese of Peoria. They packed signs with messages reading, "we love Ms. Gau". When they arrived, students gathered for a prayer.

"We think that if we incorporate God into this as much as possible, then it will be good for Ms. Gau and for us," said Evan Thornton, one of the students who organized the rally.

As students paced back and forth outside of the diocese, their chants echoed the message, "Alleman loves Ms. Gau".

On June 6, students rallied outside of Alleman High School.

"When we didn't get any feedback after that rally, we started planning this," Thornton said.

Students and parents have displayed their displeasure with the Diocese of Peoria because there has been no communication as to why Gau will be dismissed after June 30.

"The diocese hasn't really released a statement to us or anyone. We don't really know what the reason is as to why they let her go, but we really just want her back," said Haley Degreve, a student at Alleman.

Tuesday's rally didn't provide any answers for students, but they say they will continue to support Ms. Gau and search for answers.