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Home basement dug up in search for Iowa woman missing since 1960

608 Pleasant View Drive in Des Moines (photo from WHO-TV)

608 Pleasant View Drive in Des Moines (photo from WHO-TV)

The search for a woman who has not been seen since 1960 has led to police digging up the basement of a Des Moines home.

Police listed Darlene Fitchett’s disappearance as an unsolved homicide since February 8, 1960 according to

Police said they received a tip in October 2013 indicating Fitchett was buried in the basement of a home, according to our sister station WHO-TV. Fitchett’s sister also reportedly told a neighbor she thought Darlene’s husband had killed her and buried her in the basement.

Police said ground radar scans appeared to show a hole was dug under the concrete basement floor of a home at 608 Pleasant View Drive on the south side of the city, WHO-TV reported.


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