Administrative Assistant: No-Confidence Vote Taken Off Tuesday Agenda

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On Tuesday, June 17, the Rock Island County Board had planned to conduct a vote of no confidence on the leadership of Board Chairman Phil Banaszek. However, during the executive committee meeting Monday, June 16, 2014, the committee decided to take the vote off of Tuesday's agenda, according to Board Administrative Assistant Shelly Chapman and Banaszek.

The vote had been suggested by board member Scott Terry on June 11.

Monday, June 16, Rock Island County Board member Don Johnston called Banaszek a “hard-nosed-dictator type,” telling News Eight that Banaszek should step down as chairman.

“I think it’s gotten to the point where something has got to be done,” Johnston said.

Although Banaszek is being pressured to resign by fellow Democrats, Johnston said it’s very unlikely Banaszek will step down.

“The real reason behind this is in December, he will have 20 years on the board. By the rules we have, he would get his pension, which is 80 percent of $90, 000,” Johnston said.

This political fiasco began on June 9, when the Rock Island County Democratic Chairman Doug House called on Phil Banaszek, fellow Democrat and Chairman of the Rock Island County Board, to step down from his position. He cited the uncertainty of the county’s financial position, and the allegations made against him have damaged the board’s image.

In an interview with News Eight, Banaszek stated he had no intention of stepping down.

Johnston said this latest controversy inside the Rock Island County Board is a sign that change is needed.

“There’s definitely wrong doing here, if not just bad judgment," Johnston said.

The Rock Island County Board's next meeting is Tuesday, June 17 at 5:30 p.m.