Video: Off-duty cop pulls driver to safety amidst fiery crash

Surveillance footage captured a vehicle crashing into a gas pump, which then burst into flames. The driver of the wrecked vehicle was still inside, but an off-duty policeman came to the rescue.

According to a report by New York Daily News, State Police Senior Investigator John Vescio was at a gas station in southeastern New York in early June 2014 when a Toyota Camry crashed into the pump he was using, sparking a massive fire.

New York Daily News reported that during the first moments after the crash Vescio ran-off and dodged the falling gas pump. Away from the fiery crash scene, Vescio then ran back to save the 69-year-old driver inside the Toyota.

The driver, who had reportedly suffered a diabetic emergency before the crash, had his legs stuck under the seat.

“It happened so quick,” Vescio said to The Journal News. “It was hard to think. I pretty much just reacted.”

The 69-year-old driver was in stable condition at a Westchester County hospital. Four other people suffered minor injuries, according to New York Daily News.


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