Local woman nearly threw away $250,000 lottery ticket

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Kassie and Daren Slagel photo from Illinois Lottery

An East Moline woman said she nearly tossed a scratch-off lottery ticket after she mistakenly thought it was not a winner.

Illinois Lottery officials say Kassie Slagel told them she didn’t think she had won anything on the Black Diamond 7s ticket she bought at the 7-Eleven store, on 18th Avenue, in East Moline.  She was about to throw the ticket away, but took one more quick look before pitching it into the trash.

“I was shocked to see that I had actually won!” Slagel said.  “I can’t believe I almost threw away a quarter of a million dollars!”

Lottery officials said five $250,000 top prizes were still unclaimed from the Black Diamond 7s game.  That particular instant-win game costs $5 to play.

The store gets a bonus of one percent of the prize amount for selling a winning ticket.

Slagel and her husband planned to use their winnings to buy a new house and to invest for their children to go to college.