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Hot Rod tour revving up QC business

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They came from all over the country, Hot Rods, revving their engines in the Quad Cities. It's a big tourist draw for our area.

Terry Fortmann and his wife are spending their honeymoon at the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour to show off their car.

"It's a 1969 SS convertible. I purchased the car two years ago. It was totaled out," said Terry.

However, before Terry could get there, he had to go over a speed bump.

"Then I found out I had cancer, had part of the car done," said Terry.

Making it his goal to finish so he could join the tour.

"The whole front end, all the fenders, the hood, everything's been replaced. The left corner panel has been replaced. It was wrecked really bad," said Terry.

His car joins the other 4,000 that stopped by the Quad Cities. The one day event brings a lot of revenue for the Quad Cities.

"The drivers have not just brought their cars, they've brought their dollars with them. They are staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants," said Joe Taylor, president of the Quad City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The event drawing around 8,000 people to check it out. As for Terry it's about being able to share his hobby.

"I'd advise anybody to put it on your bucket list. This is the most fun we've ever had," said Terry.

The last time the show was in the Quad Cities was 10 years ago.