Flowers float down the Mississippi River as men take a stand against domestic violence

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Some Quad City men are taking a stand against domestic violence.

Thursday, the Elephant Club, a local men's group, hosted the third annual Flowers on the River. Members tossed flowers into the Mississippi in honor of women who have died as a result of domestic abuse.

Since 2007, 16 women in the area have been killed.

"One in three women will be affected by domestic violence in their lifetime," said Elephant Club member Chris Spencer. "It is a very big problem, and it's not a problem of women, it's a problem of men."

The group hopes to serve as positive role models for men, women and children in the community. Each member believes that violence against women cannot and will not be tolerated.

"Especially, we want to make an effort to reach our young boys, to show them the proper way that a real man behaves and acts," said member Tad Birditt.

A skit about teen dating violence by the Davenport Central Drama Group also highlighted some shocking statistics. Nearly one in five high school girls reports being physically or sexually abused by a dating partner, and a quarter of all Emergency Room visits by women are the result of domestic assault.

Victims' families hope it's men like the Elephant Club members, though, who will set a lasting example.

"There is help, there really is. I'm seeing it. Seeing all you guys here... maybe there are some good ones. Maybe there are some of you guys that care," said the mother of one victim.