Bed bug infestation forces Rock Island family from their rental home

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A Rock Island family was hoping to settle down, but after two days, they're out of their rental home that is now infested with bed bugs.

"We gave him every penny that we have to our name to move in here," said Krystal, who did not want us to show her face or use her last name.

The family gave the landlord $1,500 for the deposit and first month's rent.

"We got a title loan on my truck just to move in here," she said.

They stored their belongings in a garage behind the house.

"This stuff was already here, the mattresses and the couches along the side of the house and the junk," said Krystal.

And on that stuff already there,

"That's feces from the bed bugs," said Krystal, "All of our stuff we had in here, we took into the house not knowing it and then after two days of being in there, my daughter was covered from head to toe like chicken pox."

What looked like chicken pox was actually bed bug bites, covering her daughter's legs and arms.

Pest control came and so did the City of Rock Island.

"We called the City and the City said it's not livable, there shouldn't be anybody in here for at least 30 days," said Krystal.

The home is now marked with an orange sign that reads "Unfit for Human Occupancy."

The landlord put them up in a hotel room through Friday; but didn't want to give them back their money until they said they were calling the news, Krystal said.

We tried the number for the landlord several times, but there was no answer.

"We're starting with nothing and starting from scratch with nothing.  I mean we don't have anything anymore," said Krystal.

Everything she and her family own is now covered in bed bugs after living in the home for just two days.

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  • Leslie

    3 months after moving into my very first apartment living alone, No kids, no family members etc. I was so excited. a couple months into my home and getting it set up. I started getting bit all over and they itched so bad, I had scares and bites, all over my arms and legs. Went to the office and notified them, they accused me of bringing the bedbugs, but my previous residency did not have them. After they checked, the neighbors around me started complaining. Found out it was an upstairs neighbor they had previous dealings with and would not cooperate to rid the infestation. Cost me hundreds of dollars, Had to remove everything off the walls, Repack things, move everything to the middle of the apt and remove every bit of cloth items from my apt. rewash them all and leave them bagged up for a month. It took 3 months to get rid of them and many treatments. I was never offered a motel room, or reimbursement for cost or time. And never receive an apology.

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