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WQAD viewers solve mystery of 19th century family Bible

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Gary and Linda Harrington are attending a special reunion in Clinton on Monday.

"This is great," said the Ironwood, Michigan, resident. "This is really something."

It's a reunion with this 19th century family Bible.

"I'm just really thankful for you keeping this," he said.

Mother-daughter team Jada Cavinder and Dona Speakman first showed us the Bible in May.

That's after a friend saved it from a Clinton home that's destined for demolition.

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"Look at the circle it went," Cavinder said. "150 years and back to somebody in the family."

"It's amazing," Speakman added. "I can't believe it. Look at him"

The Bible dates back to 1859. Inscribed to New York transplant Myron Harrington, it details the life of the Civil War veteran and his Jackson County, Iowa, ancestors.

"It fills in a lot of the gaps, especially dates and places," he said.

Gary is the great-great grandson of Myron Harrington. After seeing the story on, he drove eight hours from Michigan.

"There it is, Aunt Alice," he gestured.

Jada and Dona wanted the Bible back in Harrington hands. It's like a dream come true.

"It's a huge relief that he's got that back in his hands right now," Dona said.

Technology and detective work helped to solve this mystery. Emotional embraces helped to form new friendships.

"It's home where it belongs now," Jada concluded.

A remarkable reunion for this family legacy, indeed.