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Photos: Couple married during Oregon wildfire

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A wildfire nearly halted the dream location wedding for a couple in Oregon.

April and Michael Wolber were married at Rock Springs Ranch, just outside of Bend, Oregon. Less than an hour before the ceremony, the Two Bulls wildfire crept closer and closer to the ranch.

Just before the bride was to walk down the aisle, firefighters arrived to tell everyone to evacuate. The fire was too close, and the wedding was cancelled, according to KPTV.

After some pleading from the parents of the couple, firefighters let them have a quick ceremony. Photos of the wedding have quickly gone viral.

“The fire changed the plans of our day and completely changed the course of what we thought our wedding was going to look like,” Michael Wolber said. “It was really neat to see us, and him especially, be able to turn it into a positive.”

Photos are courtesy of Josh Newton.