Names of local veterans added to new monument

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Local veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan were honored during a ceremony as a monument displaying their names was dedicated.

Veterans and their loved ones gathered at the Veterans Memorial Garden at the Andover Lake Park Sunday, June 8, 2014 for the Salute to Veterans service.

This was the third monument at the park and the first that has been dedicated to local veterans of those two recent wars. Ceremony organizers look at the monument as a tangible way to honor servicemen and women for generations to come.

“As they have children and grandchildren and such they’ll be able to recognize dad’s name or grandpa’s name on that monument and ask those questions, ‘What’d daddy do,’ or, ‘What’d grandpa do in the military?” Dan Swanson said.

There were also 30 donated American flags placed on the Andover Aisle of Flags.