Arizona residents forced out of home after pigeons take over

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Residents of an Arizona home were forced to move because pigeons had taken over.

A report by KVOA said that more than 140 pigeons were found inside the one-bedroom unit of a building used for long-term mental health housing in Tucson.

On Friday, May 30, 2014 police had checked on the home but were turned-away by the residents. Five days later authorities returned with a search warrant, according to the report.

Marc Hammond with Arizona Animal Experts said there were about 20 nests and 143 pigeons found inside the home.

“There’s about another hundred outside, that’s going to take several days for trapping, but we got the majority inside the home here,” says Hammond.

According to KVOA’s report, neighbors said the residents had fed the pigeons and left the door open. As that unit was being searched, crews found insects, rodents, and bed bugs. Three additional units will need cleaning, which will uproot six other residents.