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Bodies found in suitcases along road in Wisconsin

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bodies found in suitcases - photo from WITI

Police say bodies were inside suitcases found along a road in Geneva, Wisconsin.

A highway department worker was cutting grass when the suitcases were found along N. Como Road east of County Road H, near Lake Como, Thursday afternoon, June 5, 2014. The suitcases were moved to allow mowing to continue, and a citizen later called police to report the bags sitting along the road according to our sister station WITI.

Police found a body in each of the two suitcases at about 3 p.m.

Autopsies were scheduled for Friday, June 6.

“Authorities say the citizens of the Town of Geneva can rest assured that this is an isolated incident and the crime did not occur where the bodies were located,” WITI reported.


  • Alan Thompson

    The highway department worker that was cutting grass should be arrested and charged with destruction of evidence. The grass and ground around the two suit cases are a crime scene. He should of Stopped, call the police. To bad if it holds him up with his mowing. The family of the two dead people should sue him and the state.

    • tawny phelps

      I doubt that it had anything to do with the fact it was go ng take him longer to get his job done if he left them. Seeing as how it says he just moved them and not that he looked inside. He probably had no idea and it may or may haunt him everyday of his life that he didn’t. So before you go assuming things, maybe you should take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Like why nobody else that drove by and saw them bothered to stop and call the police about some suitcases in the ditch.

  • Paula

    I doubt that the highway worker has either x-ray vision or is psychic. People leave all kinds of stuff on the sides of the road. I don’t see anything in the story to indicate that the worker had any idea of the contents of those suitcases. Suing over such a thing is nonsensical.

  • pumpkin

    They don’t say the age of the victims. Heartbreaking. Everyone is too quick to sue. It could have been an infant or small child and felt like a suitcase full of clothing. And they may have been locked. Let’s wait for the rest of the details.

  • Eda Allen

    Often people lose stuff and drive back by to pick it up they just set it beside the rode so the owner has a chance to find it. Workers don’t have time to pry into stuff they have to complete a job by a certain time.

  • O.O

    Wow, um okay. R people really finding this many ways to dispose of a body? Do they know if the bodies r male / female child or adualt.

  • Cailee

    If you were to see to suit cases on the side of the road, I highly doubt that you would think there were bodies in their. Also maybe he didn’t open them because he felt it wasn’t right of him to go through someone else’s stuff, which tends to be a common folkway. Lastly, he did alert the police so I’m not seeing how he did anything wrong.

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