Teen’s power message of forgiveness surfaces after her death

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Nearly a year after her death, a 16-year-old girl’s dad is sharing her inspirational video message to the world.

Reesa Kammerman died from injuries she suffered in a rollover crash in Utah. Her death, at such a young age, followed a life of deep love for her father, brothers and best friend as well as dark moments including suicide attempts and being molested.

“As far as daughters go, perfect,” is how Michael Kammerman described his daughter to our sister station KSTU.

After she died, he found a video message his beloved daughter left behind.

“I hated my life,” Reesa wrote. “I didn’t want to live anymore.”

But that isn’t how her message ends.

“I have a million reasons to live,” she continues as she lists everyone she loved.

Her ultimate message: Forgive.

“If it even helps one person, Reesa would be happy,” Kammerman said.

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