Illinois cell phone thief posts selfie to victim’s Facebook page

A woman whose cell phone disappeared at an Illinois discount store now says the thief is making vulgar posts to her Facebook page and demanding money in exchange for the phone.

Sandy Barbee says she was shopping at Sam’s Club in O’Fallon on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, when she discovered her iPhone5 was missing according to our sister station KTVI.

Hours later, a selfie of an unknown woman, with a profane caption, appeared on Barbee’s Facebook page.

Barbee’s daughter, Alicia Warren, shared the post online, hoping to identify the woman in the photo.

Barbee says when she called the phone, a woman at the other end swore at her and said “if you want your phone you better give me money.”

“Without my phone I am lost because that`s my only phone I don`t have a house phone. It`s for my business. They have a lot of nerve to do this they should’ve returned it I would’ve been thankful.” Barbee said.


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