East Moline man shot in face by stray pellet

An East Moline man shot in the face Saturday says the stray pellet that hit him remains lodged in his jaw for now.

“It’s embedded in my jawbone right here,” Tom Biehl said. “It could have gone into my eye or into my throat or through my throat.”

The retired industrial salesman was driving home from dinner with his wife and another couple near 46th Avenue and 11th Street around 10:30 pm when he heard a “pop.”

“I screamed, because something hit me on the side of the head, I almost got knocked out. It hit me right on the cheekbone. I was really bleeding,” Biehl said.

Someone shot a pellet into his car thru the open driver’s side window.

“I was very angry; now I guess I’m thankful. I would just like to be ensured that whoever did this learns how close they came to almost fatally wounding somebody,” Biehl said.

Police were called and interviewed Mr. Biehl, but it all happened so fast, no one saw a thing.



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