Police reportedly find Iowa woman walking naked in middle of street

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Jessica Sitzmann photo from Buena Vista County Jail

A Storm Lake, Iowa woman was arrested after witnesses reported she was found naked and walking down a street.

Jessica Sitzmann, 31, was taken to a hospital after police reportedly found her naked and walking in the middle of 9th Street Monday evening, June 2, 2014 according to the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune. 

Police later said she was intoxicated, and that she had been smoking methamphetamine with her 28-year-old boyfriend according to WOWT.

Court records show Sitzmann, and her boyfriend Sean Grist, were each charged with possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).  They were also each facing one count of child endangerment, for allegedly smoking meth in the presence of their six-year-old child the evening before the arrests.

The child was reportedly left with family members after police said they found meth, drug paraphernalia and “extremely dirty” living conditions in the couple’s home.

Jail records show Sitzmann and Grist were both released from the Buena Vista County Jail Tuesday, June 3.


  • Americantrek09

    For the sake of the child, take it away from these worthless scum, leaches and give the poor child a worthy home with a married couple (man and woman) that live like they mean something to society, their family and to the people around them. I despise people with no sense of right and wrong, and that have to values or principles. These people are the epitome of the brain dead, low information voter, oBama-ites !

    • Whateverfool

      Seriously!!! Please, the child should be raised with ANYONE that loves her. It does not have to be a man and a woman. And since when do meth-heads vote? Give me a break and stop being as stupid as you sound! I despise people who think they know it all, that would apply to you!

  • Jive Johnson

    They’re worthless scum for neglecting their kids not for what their political views are. Meth addicts haven’t voted in an election since Randy of the redwoods was running for President.

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