Housing and business boom in downtown Davenport

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30 years in the making, more big time developments are becoming reality in downtown Davenport.

Business owner Ron Bellomy is retiring after 42 years of business.

"When I came here in '72 and bought this place people thought I was crazy," said Bellomy.

His business Riverbend Antiques has been in the same spot, downtown Davenport. He's noticed a change over the years. Over the last two years downtown has seen 40 new or expanded businesses. One of them being Abernathy's, which has been open for seven months.

"We love it," said co-owner Becca Clark.

Along with new business come more condos and apartments. Right now there are 313 apartments being built. That's on top of the 900 downtown Davenport already has.

"It's huge for the whole community," said Kyle Carter, executive director for downtown Davenport partnership of the Quad Cities Chamber.

There are the Democrat Lofts, a historical building that is being renovated and on the same streets more apartments are in the works. A sign of more changes to come.

"This is the future. This is where we're going. This is happening," said Carter.

There are $120 million invested in construction down here over the next two years. As for any old warehouses near the Hotel Blackhawk the Chamber says they'll be all occupied again by 2016.