Cannabis plants found growing on Knox College campus

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Campus security at Knox College reportedly found cannabis plants growing near some tennis courts.

According to a report by WGIL, cannabis plants were discovered about 200 feet west of the school’s tennis courts mixed in with other plants on Wednesday evening, May 28, 2014.

Knox College campus security called Galesburg Police, who then took possession of the plants and logged it as evidence, reported WGIL.

WGIL said that according to a police report, the plants weighed more than five pounds.

According to the report no arrests have been made.


  • Fools in charge

    Yup again more stupidity. They say the plant weighed 5 lbs. Yup the plant probably did. However there would not be an actual marijuana on the plant for several more months. Im not sure what evidence they are looking for either. This plant most likely ended up there from a seed dropped or tossed from a bag and not planted there intentionally.

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