Troopers try to stop those left lane slowpokes

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Drivers in many states may agree with Washington State Troopers, who say the number-one traffic problem there isn’t speeding or seat belt violations.

It’s drivers that insist on pulling into, and staying in, the left lane on the highway.

The law on interstate highways in many states is for drivers to keep right except to pass.  Some troopers in Washington say violations are so frequent, they think it’s the number-one problem on their roads.

They’re paying extra attention to those slow drivers who seem to insist on cruising in the left lane, and pulling them over for a warning or even a ticket.

They’re concerned not only for enforcing the law, but for the safety of other drivers who might get frustrated when they’re stuck behind a left lane slowpoke.  They want to reduce the potential for road rage.

“I see the person that’s behind, who really wants to get by, but that person who wants to get by…is more dangerous because they are following so close,” one trooper said.  “Once there’s a break in traffic you can see, almost, in their driving that they’re angry.  They’ll move to the right lane and just hammer on it.”

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Do you agree?  Which of these drivers make you crazy on the roads?