College teams set sights on Geneseo soccer player

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A Geneseo senior has some great athletic opportunities that may take her beyond her high school soccer career.

While playing at a tournament, Darci Dietrich was scouted by a coach from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Darcy said she was surprised when she received the call from the coach and even had to “pinch” herself to see if it was real.

She said the coach’s call reassured her that all her hard work has paid off. Darci said she’s learned over the years what keeps her head in the game.

“I just have to like talk to God during the game and then just keep focused to not keep my mind wandering so those quick goals don’t just sneak by,” Darci said.

Geneseo’s head soccer coach said Darci has everything it takes to compete in division one.

“She’s built to be an athlete; she’s driven to be an athlete. She’s intelligent, she’s hard-working,” said Kline. “Anything you’d want in a division one athlete, she has.”

Darci said playing different sports, including basketball, has allowed her to make more friends and create closer bonds.