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Complaints on the rise for overgrown lawns

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As the days get longer, so does the grass.

Recent rainfalls, and don't forget those warm temperatures, have resulted in some yards looking more like a jungle.

In Rock Island, Moline, and Bettendorf, residents must keep their grass cut lower than 10 inches. In Davenport, that number is nine inches.

"The goal is to make sure the property is kept clean, neat, and clear of debris," said Jeffery Eder, the Assistant City Manager of Rock Island.

While the rules are set in stone, there's no debating that there are several homes in the Quad Cities that exceed the city ordinance.

"You look around and see some lawns where the grass is 15 inches tall,"  said Todd Jones of Rock Island, covered in sweat after just finishing the final touches on his weekly yard work. "It's an eyesore."

Although Jones said it bothers him to see the overgrown yards, he doesn't want to cause any problems.

Rock Island's City Manager Jeffery Eder told News 8 that during late spring and early summer is when they receive the highest volume of complaints for overgrown yards.



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