Deer falls from overpass, smashes into car windshield

An Illinois family driving down the highway, northwest of Chicago, was shocked when a deer fell into their minivan windshield.

Heidi Conner was finishing up an eight hour road trip with her four children when suddenly her windshield had been smashed and she was sitting next to a deer.

An Illinois State Trooper said a witness saw the deer jump off the Illinois 72 overpass and onto I-90 westbound.

Heidi said she “thought it came from the sky.” She explained that she thought the deer might have been hit by another vehicle and fell off, hitting her car.

“If it had been one inch to the left, it would have been dead center, I wouldn’t have been able to control the car,” Heidi explained. “And one inch to the right, it would have killed my son.”

With the deer smashed through the windshield, Heidi was able to get her van through three lanes of traffic and pull off the roadway.

“I believe God was with me the whole time, he protected me,” Heidi said, “he preserved me for a reason.”

The kids in the car were not hurt, and doctors said that Heidi came out of it with just a sore shoulder and a few bumps and bruises.

CNN contributed to this report.


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