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Viral Video: Hunger strike ends when depressed goat reunites with best friend

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A rescued goat was inconsolable when separated from his lifelong best friend, and overjoyed when they were reunited.

Animal Place Sanctuary in Grass Valley, California was one of two sanctuaries to accept animals rescued from the home of a woman who allegedly hoarded dozens of dogs and three barnyard animals.

“(B)ut we could only take in the goat, and the other sanctuary could only take the burro. The two were separated in order to save their lives,” said a post about Mr. G, the ten-year-old goat, and his best friend, a burro named Jellybean.

“We didn’t know the depth of their bond,” the post said.

The bond became obvious, though, when Mr. G fell into despair after he was rescued. He stayed in the corner of his stall, refusing to eat or go outdoors for six days.

“After health exams revealed nothing physically, it became evident Mr. G was in mourning,” the post said.

Arrangements were made for a volunteer to make the 14-hour drive to get Jellybean, and to reunite the furry best friends.

“It seemed that Mr. G could barely believe that Jellybean was there,” read a caption in video of their reunion. “Within 20 minutes of being reunited, Mr. G started eating.”