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Sheley trial will likely go to jury Thursday

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Closing arguments in the Nick Sheley murder trial have been tentatively set for Thursday, May 29, 2014.

Sheley is accused of killing four people in June 2008 in an apartment in Rock Falls, during a two-date killing spree in Illinois and Missouri.

Several witnesses who say they saw Sheley in St. Louis and Festus, Missouri shortly after the killings testified on Tuesday.

Prosecutors painted a picture of Sheley in full-out tourist mode while on the run after the murders, asking a local iron worker to take a picture with his disposable camera  near Busch Stadium,  sporting a Bears t-shirt belonging to one of his victims.

A manager of a Steak and Shake in Festus, Missouri testified Sheley entered the restaurant on June 29th and creeped him out.

“He was very fidgety, upset,” said Scott Leftridge, describing Sheley’s bloodshot eyes.

Off the witness stand, Leftridge said he told his waiters and waitresses not to approach the strange man.

“I was told (later) he was looking for his next victim.  That was what I was informed by local law enforcement, that he was probably looking for his next victim,” Leftridge recalled.

Sheley’s wife Holly was expected to testify on Wednesday.

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