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Friends kayak 300 miles in 15 days on Rock River

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Traveling more than 300 miles in 15 days, three friends made their way down the Rock River to have some fun and raise money for their school’s athletic program.

Jacob Boucher and Garrett Feik of Aledo, Illinois and Jon Gress of Pekin, Illinois started their journey from the Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin and ended their trip around 6:00 p.m. May 27, 2014 at Sunset Marina in Rock Island.

"We are the first ones to do the trip consecutively from what I've been told," said Gress.

"Just wanted to do something fun before we had to grow up," said Boucher.

The men also used the trip as an opportunity to raise money for Maranatha Baptist University's new mascot, the Sabercats, and for new uniforms for the athletic programs, and new paintings for the gym floors.

Along the river, the three were greeted by supporters. They camped for all but two of the night on their trip, and for at least seven of the days, meals were provided to them.

"We never would have thought that so many people would've helped us out," said Boucher.

"The people are what really made the trip so special and that's something that we really didn't anticipate going into this trip," said Gress.

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