Chickens may soon be flocking to Geneseo

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The Geneseo, Illinois City Council will consider the possibility of allowing residents to own chickens within city limits.

In April 2014, Kristin Mortensen crafted a petition that spread across the city. It received more than 200 signatures.

"It's looking good as long we can get the city to agree with us," Mortensen said.

That may not be an easy task.

Currently, residents in Geneseo may own chickens within city limits; however, residents must own at least five acres of land.

"Not very many houses have five acres within city limits," Mortensen said.

Mortensen is in the process of moving from her country home to the city. Besides leaving her home, she's been forced to leave her chickens, too. She uses her chickens for fresh eggs, meat and uses their waste for her sizable garden.

"I grow a big garden every year," Mortensen said, "I want my kids to know where their food comes from."

Adding to her arsenal of support, Mortensen created a Facebook page that has attracted nearly 600 likes.

Mortensen said she will be attending the upcoming city council meeting, in hopes of hearing good news.

"I am hoping the city will let residents keep up to eight hens in our back yards," Mortensen said.