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Report: What Iowa and Illinois want to know more than any other states

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Google search map photo from

Google search map photo from

Knowing what gets Googled frequently in your state can be amusing and possibly a little embarrassing.

If you put a word or phrase into Google Trends, you can find out where that word or phrase was Googled the most.

So, the folks at the real estate website Estately say they ran hundreds of words and phrases through Google Trends, and determined which states searched those items the most.

Love Candy Crush? Mississippi searched that term on the internet more than any other state. Cure for baldness is most searched in New Jersey, and bail money is most searched in New York.  Arkansas searched Atkins diet and lap band surgery more than any other state. Georgia searches butt implants more than any other state, Kansas searches toupee more than any other state and Minnesota searches personal injury lawyer more than any other state. Wisconsin owns the most searches for Beanie Babies and menthol cigarettes.

Estately says – perhaps not surprisingly – that of all states, Iowa’s web users search bacon the most. Other terms searched more in Iowa than anywhere else include corn, county fair, Drake, First Amendment and gay marriage.

Illinois web users search burrito more than any other state. Illinois can also lay claim to searching deep-dish pizza, Dennis Rodman, golf injury, Oasis, pizza, thin crust pizza, “Workaholics” (TV show) and racist jokes more than web users in any other state.

Get the full list for all states – click here.

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