Attorney says judge fell asleep during day five of Sheley trial

During day five of the Nicholas Sheley trial a video was presented and the defense attorney said the judge had fallen asleep while it played.

After the video on Friday, May 23 was done and the lights were turned back on in the courtroom, the clerk reportedly woke Judge Jeffery O’Connor.

Sheley’s Attorney, Jeremy Karlin, requested that the judge’s falling asleep be noted on the record. The judge said he understood but said he had not missed any part of the testimony.

Previous reports indicate that Sheley is accused of murdering four people from Rock Falls in an “ambush” attack during a crime spree that ended with eight people dead.

During the trial on Wednesday, May 21 forensic pathologist, Dr. Mark Peters said all four Rock Falls victims sustained blows to the head from a hammer. He had performed autopsies on the four victims, Kenneth Ulve, Brock Branson, Ki Blake, and her two-year-old son Dayan, in July of 2008.

Prosecutors will continue to present evidence as the trial continues Tuesday, May 27.


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