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Students use computers to study, talk with each other, play games, and sometimes to just waste time.  But Bettendorf High School junior Chelsea Kalar has found a way to use it to inspire.

"It wasn't supposed to go on for more than two weeks," she says.

It started as a school project to gain 1500 internet web views in Mr. Pisel's Marketing class.  But what Chelsea created has grown four times that and is now an international call for action to Pay It Forward.

"It's crazy how people responded to it and so fast too," said fellow student Bailey VanDeHeede.

Chelsea's blog is called "Random Acts of Kindness".  It highlights good deeds done by her and others.

It could be buying food for a brother or sister you're usually fighting with...

Or donating stuffed animals for sick children...

Or just opening the door for others.

"Even just a random act like putting coins next to a laundry mat," says Bailey.  " You don't realize how the little things you do can affect someone's day."

And since February, Chelsea has chronicled as many "random acts of kindness" as she could.

"Amazing.  And how kind-hearted she is because that's what every parent's dream is to be kind-hearted and do the best they can do," says Chelsea's mother, Becky.

"Chelsea had such an impact with the blog and it was amazing to see everything that was going on", says fellow student Alina Sepanski.

So Alina, Bailey, and other students decided they wanted to "Pay It Forward" to the girl who taught them to pay it forward.   They nominated her for the Ascentra Credit Union/News 8 "Pay It Forward" prize and rewarded her with a $300 cash prize.

Chelsea's friends and family wanted to see kindness publicized.

"We don't have enough kindness in the world.  We all know that", says Becky Kalar.

Back in February, Chelsea wasn't even sure what a blog was.  Now she's created a groundswell.

Whether it's creating "high five Fridays, leaving coupons on store shelves, or even placing money in a book, just enough to buy a Dr, Seuss classic.

Not only is Chelsea truly Paying It Forward, she's helping others do it as well.

"It's cool to have other people catch on and like it", she says.  " They didn't have to help me out on it, they wanted to so that's better."

You can nominate a person who is doing good deeds for others by filling out this nomination form.


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